"Seek the well-being of the city, for it is by seeking its well-being that you will find your well-being"

Jeremiah 29:7


Then Now

Though it is only one mile square, the area of Rockford served by Jeremiah Development is the heart of the city. Bordered by State Street on the south, Whitman on the north, Rockton on the west and the Rock River on the east, it encompasses cultural, religious, government, educational, and commercial facilities along with hundreds of single- and multi-family homes. For Rockford to develop to its full potential, the heart of the city must thrive. That is the goal of Jeremiah Development.

NorthChurchHaskell_small.jpgSAVE THE DATE!  Jeremiah Development will be hosting our first fundraiser on February 5th, 2015.  The event, Loaded Brush Luminaries: Painting the Neighborhood, will be held in the River Room at the Burpee Museum and will raise funds for our partnership with the Rockford Urban Ministries Work Camp program.  Watch the website and Facebook for more details!